Bram Grooten

PhD candidate in Deep Learning at the TU Eindhoven

Brief bio

I started the PhD in November 2021. My research is focused on Sparse Training of neural networks. I’m in the Data Mining group, within the Data and Artificial Intelligence cluster. Supervisors: Decebal Mocanu and Mykola Pechenizkiy.

In 2021 I finished two masters at the TU/e called:

  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics (IAM)
  • Science Education and Communication (SEC)

You can find both master theses on my TU/e page. The thesis for IAM was titled: Deep Reinforcement Learning for the cooperative card game Hanabi.

My master’s thesis presentation on 9 sept 2021

For my bachelor of Applied Mathematics I studied abroad in the US, at Wentworth Institute of Technology. My bachelor’s thesis used graph theory and optimization for an assignment problem.


See my short CV here. Last updated: June 2022.