Bram Grooten

PhD candidate in Deep Learning at the TU Eindhoven
Research Visit at the University of Alberta in 2023

Brief bio

I started the PhD in November 2021. My research is focused on Reinforcement Learning and Sparse Training of neural networks. I’m in the Data and Artificial Intelligence cluster with supervisors Decebal Mocanu and Mykola Pechenizkiy.

In 2023 I visited the University of Alberta as part of my PhD, joining the Intelligent Robot Learning lab of Matthew Taylor.

In 2021 I finished two masters at the TU/e called:

  • Industrial and Applied Mathematics (IAM)
  • Science Education and Communication (SEC)

You can find both master theses on my TU/e page. The thesis for IAM was titled: Deep Reinforcement Learning for the cooperative card game Hanabi.

Master’s thesis presentation, Sept 2021.

For my bachelor of Applied Mathematics I studied abroad in the US, at Wentworth Institute of Technology. My bachelor’s thesis used graph theory and optimization for an assignment problem.


See my CV here. Last updated: Nov 2023.